Rune The First

About This Game

‘Rune the First Wanderer’ is a storytelling adventure game about a girl wandering from here to there with her memory lost. She begins her journey to reclaim herself, wandering around a devastated world teeming with monsters just a single step out of the village. During her adventurous journey, she runs into various clans and she has a strange dream while enduring hardships. A mysterious woman who appears in her dream seems to want to say something, but it just makes the girl more confused. However, depending on the player’s choices, by collecting ‘pieces of dreams’ one by one, each player may be able to find out the truth of the story the woman is trying to tell someday.

– One day, she manipulates a girl who wakes up in a forest, and begins a small journey to find something that the woman in the dream is trying to say.
– Real-time attack and defense-ready combat systems recognize enemy patterns and knock down enemies with agile counterattacks and attack skills.
– Adventure the world of games, a combination of beautiful visuals and emotional music from experienced composers, with a new feel of pixel graphics.

Original Soundtrack + Digital Art Book

A digital art book with all the pixel art and pictures of “Rune the First Wander,” a game about a girl’s journey, and an OST with beautiful emotions produced by talented artists from Coners Groove.

■ Artbook: 2 illustrations, 3 pixel characters, 26 background, 8 battle animations, 4 others, and 6 prototypes.
■ OST: 28 tracks.


  1. RUNE the First Wanderer
  2. Prelude
  3. Into Deep
  4. The Tale Goes On
  5. The Forest
  6. Ambush!
  7. Imp’s Song
  8. EDGE
  9. Maze Runner
  10. Time Station
  11. Hiacynth Part.1
  12. Hiacynth Part.2
  13. Fireflies
  14. Providence
  15. Mirror
  16. Mark
  17. Gaphel
  18. Weathered Glory
  19. Unknown Footprint
  20. Contend For Supremacy
  21. Tear Off
  22. Unconscious
  23. Meltdown
  24. The Truth
  25. The Will
  26. The TREE
  27. RUNE the Eternal Wanderer
  28. Credits